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Suzuki 175HP 4-Stroke

New Suzuki DF150/175G Lean Burn

Inline Fours Offering the Ultimate In Advanced Features, Performance, and Fuel Economy

Built with a strong desire to provide our customers with the very best, most innovative and reliable products possible, Suzuki outboards are recognized around the globe for their unrivalled, award-winning technologies and advanced designs. Two excellent examples of this ethic are the new DF175G and DF150G. These powerful 129kW (175PS) and 110 kW (150PS) inline four cylinder four-stroke outboards are engineered with some of our most advanced technologies providing boaters with greater performance, convenience, and efficiency.

Both outboards take full advantage of the Suzuki Lean Burn Control System and Suzuki Precision Control — two advanced technologies that are prominently featured on our flagship DF300AP and DF250AP outboards. Suzuki Lean Burn Control System is an intelligent fuel management system that is providing more and more Suzuki four-strokes with amazing fuel efficiency — up to a 16% improvement on the DF175G — helping you go further and faster for less.

Suzuki Precision Control is our drive-by-wire throttle control and shift system that provides precision control of fuel and airflow for further improvements in fuel efficiency over a wider operating range. The system also offers easy rigging and setup plus smoother and more precise throttle and shift operation.
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Go further, faster, for less!



  • Suzuki’s Precision Control (Electronic Throttle and Shift System) delivers smooth and positive gear operation.
  • Suzuki’s Lean Burn Control system combined with Suzuki Precision Control delivers remarkable fuel economy over a wide operating range and smooth power transitions when power is required.
  • Rated at 129kW (175PS)/ 110kW (150PS), the big block 2.86 litre inline four cylinder engines with four-valves per cylinder offer exceptional power and torque.
  • Variable Valve Timing System (DF175G) delivers greater low to mid-range torque for exhilarating acceleration.
  • Multi-Stage Induction System delivers excellent top-end performance.


Advanced Technologies for Performance

Suzuki Lean Burn Control System
First introduced on our DF90A/80A/70A four-strokes, the Suzuki Lean Burn Control System is an intelligent fuel delivery system that achieves remarkable improvement in fuel consumption. The system predicts fuel needs through real-time monitoring of engine performance and operating conditions which then delivers a leaner fuel mixture to the engine producing fuel saving benefits over the engine’s full operating range, which includes the cruising range where the engine is used a majority of the time. In-house testing shows that at medium cruising speeds, the DF175G achieves a 16% improvement in fuel efficiency over its non-lean burn DF175.

Suzuki Precision Control
Suzuki Precision Control is a technologically advanced computer-based control system that replaces the mechanical control cables found in conventional control systems with electronic wiring that eliminates the source of friction and resistance. While you enjoy smooth, little friction throttle and shift operation, the system’s computer is processing and transmitting commands in real-time to actuators at the engine that deliver precise throttle controls with smoother, decisive shifting. This is most evident in the low rpm range where operation is noticeably smooth and accurate. When combined with Suzuki’s Lean Burn Control System it allows control of fuel and air flow to boost the limit of the controllable revolution range improving fuel economy over a wide operating range. Suzuki Precision Control also features built-in systems that help guard the engine and drive against damage due to mishandling, and its design and simple wiring make installation easy, reducing the time required for rigging and adjustment. The system offers precision control for single, twin, triple or quad installations as well as dual station operation.

Big Block—High Performance Engine
The new DF175G/150G development team based both of these new Suzuki outboards on a big block inline four-cylinder four-stroke engine with a 2,867cm3 displacement and topped with a DOHC powerhead that supplies four-valves per cylinder for high performance. While the large displacement — which is the largest available in each outboard’s four-cylinder, four-stroke category — allows to deliver both exceptional acceleration and velocity, our engineers made sure that the outboard’s final dimensions are as compact and lightweight as possible.

Both outboards feature some of the best of Suzuki’s advanced technologies that have been developed to extend engine performance. The DF175G incorporates the same variable valve timing system that is found on our flagship DF300AP and high-end DF250AP outboards. VVT boosts torque particularly in the outboard’s low to mid power range improving acceleration and performance. Both outboards feature multi-stage induction and a 32-bit on-board computer that monitors and controls engine functions for greater performance, fuel economy and lower exhaust emissions.




Engine Type Four-Stroke DOHC 16 Valve
FUEL DELIVERY SYSTEM Multi Point Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection
HEIGHT mm (in.) X: 635 (25)
WEIGHT kg (Ibs.) L: 223 (474)
X: 228 (485)
PISTON DISPLACEMENT cm3 ( 2,867 (174.9)
BORE × STROKE m/m (in.) 97 × 97 (3.81 × 3.81)
MAXIMUM OUTPUT kW (PS) 129 (175)  
OIL PAN CAPACITY l (U.S. / Imp. qt.) 8.0 (8.5/7.0)
IGNITION SYSTEM Fully-transistorized
TRIM METHOD Power Trim and Tilt
GEAR RATIO 2.50 : 1
EXHAUST Through Prop Hub Exhaust
PROPELLER SELECTION (Pitch) 15″ – 27.5″
All propellers are the 3-blade type
*Please inquire at your local dealer for details of the propeller.